Gunsmithing & Exporting

We offer a wide spectrum of Gunsmithing to almost all firearms.
Our speciality is custom 1911/2011 builds and modifcations with over 45 years experence in this field.
We are tooled up to CNC fit red dot sights to your slide either by machining directly to the slide or fabrication of custom mounting solutions.
You are welcome to bring you collectible firearms in for a valuation.
Threading of barrels to fit & supply silencer also done here. 
We offer the service of exportation of firearms.
See the terms below:


*Licenses must be valid.


*All firearms will need to be transferred to our dealer stock before we can apply for an export permit.


*In the case of estate firearms we’ll need

  • ID and valid license of original owner
  • Death certificate
  • Executor letter and ID


*Please call to inquire about the costs as each country is different but our admin fee includes:

  • SAP 534 Transfer of ownership
  • SAP 520 Application of export permit
  • SAP 350s to CFR & follow ups
  • Emails and phone calls
  • Wooden shipping crate
  • Packaging & labeling
  • Delivery to the freight forwarder
  • Not covered in the admin costs are the actual shipping costs, these can only be quoted at time of export. We will invoice these costs and once payment is received we shall ship the firearms.


*Client to supply importation permit and documentation of country of destination.


*Please note this process is very time consuming and could take up to a year of more to complete.


MRS Techniques will not be responsible for firearms application that are not approved for whatever reason be it from the South African side or the country of destination.

All firearms will be exported at the owners risk, insurance can be arranged if requested.