Safariland Two Shot Shell Holder

The Model 080-12 is a Molded ABS Shotgun Shell Holder which holds two 12-guage shells conveniently on the belt. Clips on the belt for easy-on, easy-off use. The belt clip features an extended bottom hook to keep the 080-12 secure on belts up to 2.25 in. (58 mm) in width.

M&P Shield 8rd Mags

8 Round Shield Mag


S&W Body Guard Mag

6 rd 9mm K

Grand Power Mags

20 & 26 rd mags avaliable too


Safariland Comp I Speedloader

The Safariland® Comp I Speedloader is injection molded and its small knob provides maximum concealment for small revolvers, making it most popular for concealment use. Large frame versions offer maximum grip clearance. Depending on the gun, all Safariland® Speedloaders may require custom grips to ensure proper clearance. Offered in two sizes for small J frame and large N frame revolvers. Also fits Colt and Ruger revolvers.

Safariland Comp II Speed Loader

The Safariland® Comp II Speedloader is injection molded and its push-button operation combines maximum speed with easy reloading, making it popular for duty applications. Depending on the gun, all Safariland® Speedloaders may require custom grips to ensure proper clearance. Offered in four sizes for medium (K) and medium large (L) frame revolvers including Colt, Ruger and S&W models.

Safariland Comp II Speedloader

The Safariland® Comp III Speedloader is injection molded and its spring-driven action provides the fastest, most positive reloading available, making it most popular for competition use. Depending on the gun, all Safariland® Speedloaders may require custom grips to ensure proper clearance. Offered in two sizes: medium (K) and medium large (L) frame.

Single Speed Loader Holder

The CD-2 metal clip-on Speedloader Holder is an epoxy coated strong steel clip lined with a vinyl pad insert to ensure loader stability. Clips firmly onto any belt up to 2 in. (50mm) in width and designed for small frame 5-shot or medium fram 6-shot revolvers.

Triple Speedloader Holder For K & L frame

The Model 333 Triple Speedloader Holder features external clips and molded loader cups for ultra-quick access; ideal for competition or tactical use. Will accommodate the Safariland® Comp I, Comp II, and Comp III speedloaders. Two fits for medium (K) or medium-large (L) frame revolvers. Offered in two belt widths: 1.75 in. (45mm) or 2.25 in. (58mm).

Safariland Loading Block for K & L Frame

The Shooters Loading Block provides a convenient way to carry up to 14 Safariland® speedloaders at once, without the hassle of dropping or mishandling them. This injection molded piece measures 30 inch long by 3.25 inch wide and .5 inch deep. The speedloaders sit firmly in each of the molded cavities. The J-LP accommodates loads for .38/.357 S&W L frame, Colt Python O.M.M., Old Model Troopers and O.P. and the J-KTR accomodates loads for .38/.357 S&W K Frames, Colt Trooper, Python, Mark III & V

Safariland Open Top Mag Pouch for AR15

The Model 774 Rifle Magazine Pouch is designed to carry one rifle magazine on the belt. It features a Clip-On belt attachment that fits from 1.5 in. (38 mm) to 2.25 in. (58 mm) belt widths. The 774 is ambidextrous and is adjustable to carry angle on the belt. It's constructed of rugged SafariLaminate™ and features a tension device to adjust magazine retention.

Safariland Hearing Protector Holder

This injection molded plastic holder wraps around and clips on to the belt providing a hook attachment to hang ear muff style hearing protectors while out on the range. It can also be used to carry a supply of disposable restraints. Black

Safariland Range Bag

Removable center carry compartment has zippered, padded side panels for 4 separate handgun compartments. Adjustable hook & loop dividers to personalize accessory space. Removable and adjustable storage loops for extra magazines. Full-wrap carry handles make it easy to move gear to different shooting stations. Outer carry bag has dual zipper top for easy access and full coverage, flat side zipper pocket, ID window, and large outside zippered pocket for towel, shooting glasses or hearing protection. Overall dimensions: 14" x 9" x 10"

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